the seahorse

this is the majestic seahorse

it is an amazing creature

these seahorses are being traded

there used to make traditional chines medicine

seahorses are a worldwide loved sea creature. they are beautiful with there colours and body. S is for Seahorses are cool. E is for Eating shrimp and plankton. A is for All of the ocean to roam. H is for Having freedom. O is for Only a tail and no fins. R is for Rocking out in the sand. S is for Seeing the whole sea. E is for Every seahorse is unique.

the cape seashore

The most endangered seahorse is the Cape seashore (Hippocampus capensis) endemic to South Africa. This species has a restricted and fragmented distribution, only known in a few estuaries. Its habitat is threatened by development and water pollution. there is only so much time before it is extinct.